Cloud Bookkeeping Services

Computers and bookkeeping go together. Yes you could do it all on paper – and some businesses still do – but why would you? A good bookkeeping package will make things easier for you – and one important point to make is that although these systems are also called accounting packages- what they actually do is the record keeping or bookkeeping not the accounting! …and a good accountant will add lots more to your business than just the number crunching.

Because record keeping is a really important part of running a business we provide help and support in several ways:

Firstly, we help you choose what sort of accounting software will be right for you! What is going to be the best accounting package – with our help you can work this out.
Secondly, we can help you implement and get going with your chosen package/
Thirdly, we can take the hassle out of keeping your bookkeeping records up-to-date by doing the grunt work so you get the best out of whichever package you choose.

Do you choose a desktop accounting application? Let us help you choose a system. We provide training and support for both Sage and QuickBooks, two of the most popular desktop bookkeeping packages available. We can use our skills to help improve your efficiency and help you, our client, to set-up their own accounting systems to be efficient and effective. We are Accountants Club Members for both Sage and QuickBooks and can supply software and hardware if necessary.

What about choosing a cloud accounting package? Online bookkeeping or cloud computing is becoming better and better every day. We can help you by recommending the best cloud bookkeeping software for you – implement and get it set up and working for you, and even take care of the day-to-day work to make it even easier for you. Most cloud apps even have iphone apps to upload receipts on the move.

Sometimes the standard, off-the-shelf, version of these software doesn’t do exactly what you want. And there is a growing collection of add-on software available. Software written to tweak the standard package and customise it for you – ask us for advice.

Meanwhile for anyone who just needs a spreadsheet based bookkeeping template we have the perfect answer – Easy Stuff That Works! This is a spreadsheet template that we developed years ago and its easy and it works and has been working for years! It is really just sophisticated list making and, if you would like a free copy, please just email the office and request one. 

Cloud computing: what is it all about!

What is cloud accounting all about?
But if you just want to get started then what are your options, what software can you start using today or tomorrow to make a difference? Well the short answer is: Get in touch and let us help you choose one and get you started!

Obviously the market is rapidly changing, and this information doesn’t refer to all the available options but only to the major players. Those online applications that have a good user base and have developed a great cloud accounting solution.

What are the best cloud accounting packages?
In the UK the best three are generally regarded as Wave, Xero, Freeagent ,Sage one, Kashflow and Quickbooks Online.

Cost wise they vary, and most have a ‘lite’ version for very small businesses – but check to see what they offer and if it meets your needs before making a decision. Equally importantly there are various conversion routes to go from your old accounts package to the cloud, a desktop

 The advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

 What are the benefits of online accounting software?

Firstly, what do you call it?  Well you might call it online accounting software, software as a service, cloud computing, cloud accounting, web-based accounting….for ease of reference I’m going to call it cloud accounting as I think this is the most user-friendly.  But whatever you call it, why should you be interested?  The answer is that there are several quite important advantages of cloud accounting:

  • Undoubtedly ease of accessis the prime advantage of cloud accounting.  Online accounting means just that – it is online!   You or your employees can access your businesses financial data from anywhere worldwide, at any time without having to download and install anything on their desktop. All you need is an Internet connection!  This ability to take care of your bookkeeping on the go means that business owners are not stuck in one location but can spend more time travelling, gaining new clients and taking care of other important business matters without having to be in the office.
  • Priceis always important and another advantage of cloud accounting is that it can be the cheapest way to go. Firstly, there is no need to pay upfront for all of the cost as you would with a desktop accounting package – because you pay monthly. Secondly, unlike buying an accounting software package, it requires absolutely no updates as they are automatically included in the price.
  • Paying monthly obviously makes it easierto manage your cashflow, but also you can reduce your computer costs because all the normal costs like maintenance, version upgrades, system administration costs and server failures are no longer your problem  because they are all managed by your cloud accounting service provider.
  • Low total cost of ownership or TCO– cloud accounting applications are mainly subscription based and can scale up depending on your business’ needs. Also, you normally don’t need any major up-front investment in hardware and software. Businesses with cloud accounting technology benefit from better cash flow and don’t need as much of an IT presence or staff. Upgrades are also managed seamlessly by the provider meaning you automatically enjoy the new features that come along. What’s better – all this is at absolutely no extra cost!
  • Real time financial information– when managed properly cloud accounting will give you and your business up-to-date and current financial information (most packages have a financial dashboard which helps this).  Which helps you to respond to business change by giving you financial information at your fingertips.
  • Your team can easily access data whereverthey are! Smartphone and tablet apps give you information on the move, wherever you are, because software housed in the cloud can be easily accessed anywhere there is a connection, anytime and from pretty much any device!  Cloud accounting supports those businesses which have mobile personnel like service and sales teams.
  • Backup and data security are a breeze! Generally your cloud accounting provider offers data security which is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  The PCI standard can be too costly to achieve for a small firm, especially if it is to have its on-site application certified. The level of availability and security, backup and disaster recovery offered by a software-as-a-service supplier greatly exceeds the level which a company can provide if the application is housed on-site.  You don’t need to pay extra for online backups because they are done for you and you don’t need any special servers or desktop configurations – just an internet enable device to use it.

Having summarised the benefits, and advantages  of cloud computing, where do you go from here?   We can give you unbiased advice about the various major cloud accounting applications, identify the one that is right for you…and take the hassle away by helping you to implement them and keep the date up-to-date as well!