Your Own Finance Team – services are designed to relieve you of administrative burdens and release time for you and your team to concentrate on managing your business more effectively.

We help owner managed small and medium business owners get what they want faster and more easily than they would without us, taking them and their business further in a time and cost effective way. Working together we tailor our services to your exact requirements to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Focused on tangible results, we adapt our support to the needs of each client who is open to new advice, expertise and inspiration. Clients include SMEs at all stages of the business life cycle; – pre-starts and start ups – established businesses fighting to survive – multi-million turnover firms enjoying (or looking to) an exciting high growth phase – companies preparing for a rewarding exit.

We know your business means more to you than simply numbers. You recognise it’s the people involved that add real value, we know this because like you, we’re a growing business too. Managing everything can be a strain on time and resource. Being free from the burden of troublesome accounts can lead to a more productive business and happier workforce. That’s why we work hard to minimise risk and identify opportunities that will ultimately save you money. Ensuring everything is in order, giving you the time to build a great business.

You’ve worked hard growing your business.  Winning new customers, dealing with suppliers, recruiting staff, and on top of it all, making sure there was enough cash to keep the business going.  One day you realise you’re spending less time doing what you’re good at, and more time dealing with things you’d rather someone else did.  Such as manage a finance department.

Owner managed Small business and medium size businesses, building an in-house finance department is an expensive overhead your business could do without.  Money off your bottom line, and your time spent managing it rather than spent growing your business.

That’s where Sandn’s (YOFT) – Your Own Finance Team comes in.

Your Own Finance Team is your own outsourced finance department, dealing with all aspects of your day to day accounting needs such as bookkeeping, reconciling your bank account or processing your payroll, Vat administration, preparation of management account and cash flows, preparation of final account to HMRC and Companies House and dealing with HMRC for any tax queries..

What also makes us different is that we work on your lifestyle aims and then build a financial journey to support those aims. You won’t find this from your average accountant.

Our primary focus is always you. We’re fully committed to building a mutual, professional relationship with our clients, to fully understand their business and to provide support to help them achieve their goals. It’s in our benefit to see your business develop.

We look beyond the numbers and aim to build relationships where our clients place absolute trust in us and what we do. Along with my team we provide tailored and best value solutions to all of our clients.

We support business owners by looking after their non core activities so that they can focus on developing their business. Our experience and technical knowledge will lead our clients further in realising their ambition as we support them in every step in their business life cycle. We nurture the start ups and help them grow to achieve their goal.


Every business owner deserves finance….

people that care about your business…

We give business owners peace of mind that their accounting is being done properly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of a full time financial team. You will gain clarity around your financial position today and visibility of what’s coming around the corner, allowing you to make well informed and confident business decisions that result in more cash, more profit and more time to devote to looking at the bigger picture!

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